CoCopac is proud to have been certified to the British Retail Consortium Institute of Packaging Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials since 2008 and have held the highest grade at every audit.

Reg. No: QAICL/UK/BRC/274

Please feel free to download our current certificate using the link below:

Cocopac BRC Certificate –22-01 Cocopac BRC Certificate

What is the BRC Standard?

The BRC Global Standard is the first standard established in the world that is recognised across the world by the GSFI – The Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarking committee. This allows suppliers of food packaging a way to entrust confidence to their customers with a worldwide recognised certification, carried out by highly skilled auditors.

What the BRC Standard and the audit covers

The standard splits into eight manufacturing technologies:

  • Glassmaking
  • Papermaking
  • Metal forming
  • Rigid plastics forming
  • Flexible plastics manufacture
  • Other manufacturing
  • Print processes
  • Chemical processes

The standard also covers and recognises two tiers of hygiene associated with food packaging. They are:

  • High hygiene category – this applies to materials that come into direct contact with food.
  • Basic hygiene category – applies to non-direct food contact packaging materials.

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