Meat Market Paper

Extends Shelf-Life, Reduces Waste, Saves Time, Saves Money

Meat Market Paper, better known in the U.S. as the original Steak Paper or Meat Saver Paper, has been the paper of choice for butchers and processors for many years.

Meat Saver Paper can be used as a tray liner, burger interleaving paper or a meat wrap, and  it’s popularity stems from the properties of the paper that provide tangible benefits:

  • Strength

     Meat Saver Paper’s Wet-Strength maintains the integrity of the paper when in contact with meat or when chilled, and minimises fibre tear. Tear-Strength enables whole cuts including bones to be wrapped.

  • Non-Absorbent

     The juices remain within the meat, rather than being absorbed by the Steak Paper, ensuring minimal loss of weight compared to original cut weight, therefore maintaining your margins.

  • Blood Hold-Out

    Saver Paper restores and preserves the bright red appearance of the meat, meaning it can be pre-cut at your leisure in preparation for busier periods, saving you time when you need it most.

  • Maintains Freshness

    Dramatically reduces the need to trim discoloured and oxidised meat, therefore reducing waste, and increasing profit.


Standard Formats:
Green, White, Peach and Black

Sheet Sizes (in mm)
500 x 750 – Boxed 1 ream
250 x 375 – Boxed 2 x 1000 per outer
250 x 300 – Boxed 2 x 1000 per outer
Also available as Manual & Automatic Interleaves

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