Absorbent Pads

Our new range of absorbent food pads have been developed with both the customers and final application in mind. With absorbencies ranging from 800ml/m2 to 12,000ml/m2, a range of colours and formats from discs to reels there is a product suitable for whatever application may be required.

The absorbent pads are perfect for use in display trays or modified atmosphere packaging as meat pads to absorb purged liquid, as fruit pads to both cushion and absorb, or as soaker pads for use during preparation.


  • Available 1 or 2 Side Coated – Increased options
  • Large Range of Absorbencies – Suitable for all types of application
  •  Functional Embossed Pattern – Lower Contact Area, Greater Absorptive Area, Improved Aesthetics
  • Micro-Perforations – Increased Absorptive Efficiency
  • Range of Colours & Combinations – Practical and Aesthetic
  • Short Runs – Bespoke products
  • Discs, Pads, Sheets, Slit Rolls, Reels – Multiple formats


Suitable Applications: Packaging of Meat, Fish & Fruit in fresh, chilled and frozen environments.

Also see our Foil Oven Pads, for use direct from packaging to the plate.

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