Greaseproof Paper

We have a range of greaseproof paper available in a number of formats to suit whatever application you may require. Greaseproof paper is the ideal barrier paper for use as a sandwich wrap, burger wrap, tray liner, or where-ever a grease resistant paper is required.


  • Wet-Strength Imitation Greaseproof Paper
    At 26gsm this low weight paper is ideal as a counter wrap for bakers, sandwich shops and delis.Available in 450 x 700mm, and cuts thereof.
  • Pure Greaseproof Paper
    A versatile and light weight paper with a high greaseproof value. Suitable for use as baking parchment, fresh and cooked food wrap, counter wrap, tray liners, and cake tine liners.Available in 450 x 700mm and 500 x 750mm and cuts thereof.  Discs and cut shapes also available. Custom Printed Greaseproof is also available, please click here for more information.
  • Corrugated Greaseproof Paper
    For use in biscuit tins and wafer packaging as a cushioning device.Available in reels or die cut shapes.